a step towards a happier, more fulfilling life

Mindset Cards can help you to learn to identify and improve your wellbeing and resilience


Wellbeing and Resilience Frameworks

A pack of Mindset Cards includes two core frameworks - Wellbeing and Resilience - which you can work through as a set or as individual exercises separately.


The Wellbeing set is designed to help you identify areas in your life where you can build more stability to support you in times of stress or change.  


The Resilience set gives you exercise to help you ‘bounce back' in times of stress or change as well as build your skills in having a more positive frame of mind.

Concepts, Tools, and Exercises

Mindset cards contain a set of both concepts and practical tools - including positive visualisations, triggers, and reminders to support your own or others' mental wellbeing and resilience.


Within each set of cards there over 40 easy-to-understand concepts and practical exercises to help build your wellbeing and resilience. The frameworks can be worked through as a set or you can pick exercises to try at random.  


For Individuals

Everyone at some point in their life has struggled with feeling unmotivated, stressed, or overwhelmed. Whether that's you right now, or you know someone who is, Mindset Cards could help.

For Employers

For companies, we offer bulk package solutions to make Mindset cards part of your employee wellbeing, or health and safety program. Contact us to see how we can deliver Mindset to your team. 

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