Image by Omar Ram

my story

At the end of 2019 I’d hit my ‘rock bottom,’ but I didn’t know it. My husband had just lost his job, and financial pressures were a real worry. I was aware of employee support services through my work, and something finally made me reach out for help. As I worked through my issues over the next 3 months, what I struggled most with was how I had managed to ‘miss’ the signs that I might be struggling with depression. I kept telling myself, “I’ll be better tomorrow” or “I’m just tired”. An even bigger shock was finding out the stress my body was under was physically impacting me. It wasn’t just “in my head.” But, luckily, I sought help, and I got better.


Then in March 2020 during New Zealand's lockdown, I woke up early one morning with an idea. I sat down and started writing. Perhaps it was the fact of having time to reflect, but at this moment I realised that even with everything that had happened so far in 2020 (my husband had been made redundant again, COVID19 hit, and now my job security was in jeopardy) that I was still doing OK. I was coping. I realised that some of the tools and concepts that I had learned on my own mental health journey were things that I was revisiting almost daily. And that’s where the idea for Mindset Cards was born. I started to pull together the concepts and exercises that I was using into a pack of cards that could be used by someone else to implement their own approach to mental wellbeing and resilience. 

I hope through telling my story I can help others like me to gain a better understanding of their mental state and when to reach out for support.