3 Ways to "Notice"

It wasn't until I had a diagnosis that I had depression, that I started to recognise signs that I hadn't been coping with day-to-day. And what concerned me the most was how was I going to notice if I started slipping back into that same mindset?

Stress, anxiety, sadness, tiredness, irritability, isolation, guilt, and countless others, are just some of the ways in which people experience or demonstrate signs of UN-wellbeing. While others, who may be struggling equally as much demonstrate no external signs.

Below are just three simple ways in which you can start to notice signs or periods in your life where your wellbeing may be out of balance.

Keep a diary

Recording or writing down your feelings, activities, goals, the good and the bad, however small for the day, week or month ahead is a great way to reflect but also to notice patterns or changes in your thoughts or behaviors.

Check your well-being 'balance'

Remember the last time you think you felt really good or happy. Compare that to where you think you are today. Are you feeling better/worse/the same? If you're feeling worse, try to identify what part of your life is the root cause? Is it your physical health, social connections (work, family, community group?), mental or emotional health (sense of purpose, value). Any changes or pressure in these core areas of wellbeing can cause you to feel imbalanced. Take the time to 'check in' on yourself on a regular basis. Recording this can also help to see patterns or trends.

Set goals

Goalsetting is a great way to keep your well-being in check. Whether big or small, setting goals and achieving them is a great way to boost your emotions and keep a check on your overall sense of wellbeing.

Mindset Cards have been developed to help you build your awareness of mental health and are a great visual reminder to keep your overall wellbeing in check.

If this post has triggered anything in you or someone else you know, please reach out and talk to someone.

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