Put your own mask on first!

"Self care isn't selfish" is one of the visual reminders on my cards. It reminded me when I read this brilliant post the other day of the importance of time out.

And by 'time out' I'm not talking about managing a toilet break without "little interruptions", getting some exercise (ends up being one of the times when I do some of my best thinking), or having lie-in on the weekend (anything beyond 6:30am is considered a bonus).

You cannot be your best self when you're drained. When the tank is empty you're not in the best physical or mental state to look after yourself, let alone others.

So focusing on your own self-care isn't selfish, it's self-preserving.

What fills up your tank or brings you joy? Taking time to meditate, to call a friend, to garden, pursue a hobby?

Knowing what brings you joy will fill up your tank by releasing the body's "good" hormones, which lower the stress response.

Here's a few ways I look after myself.

  • Making sure I get my 'daily dose' (which btw is one of the models in mindset cards).

  • Taking time to reflect every week on what I have achieved, my successes.

  • Getting out outside for a walk in nature.

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